The Best Designs Come From Knowing Your Customers Desires

A Saturday morning meeting is usally the best time to start a design. Pictured is Steve Workman with John & Sue Burkheart standing on their recently remodeled deck. The design started and ended with a fresh cup of coffee on Saturday morning.

Knowing what you want!

1 The first step is determining your wants and needs. There are many questions that frequently come up, size, shape, height and so forth. Our experience will help you determine the best solutions to meet those needs.

Will it look right?

2You have our word on it. It will look right and we will provide rough drafts of the project before the building process begins. Just one more way we ensure you will be satisfied with the end results.

Will the Structure support it?

3Is the existing structure built to support an addition. We have extensive experience in determining how to best support your new addition and will ensure its safety for years to come.

Staying within the budget.

4While the budget is very important, we are able to cut costs and not sacrifice the quality. This gets you the most value for your money.